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This is an adoption blog for Poland.  We are blessed that one of our St. Mary’s Adoptive families shared their adoption story about their adoption from Poland through their personal blog.  As adoption professionals, we are get better at explaining the ins and outs of the adoption process.  We get better at answering questions that we hear from prospective adoptive parents over and over again.  However, no matter how easily we can simplify our explanations in regards to the international adoption process, we can never explain it the way that our St. Mary’s Adoptive parents can.  We are so very blessed that they are willing to share with us, and you, their adoption blog for Poland! 

To see additional feedback about the referral process from Poland, please visit the following page on our site to read the survey results of adoptive parents who had completed their Polish adoptions.  Take a look at their thoughts and feelings about the referral process and the information provided during time of referral.  

It is another awesome “veteran” family of ours whom we are so blessed to have served so many years ago with their adoption from Poland.

Their story is special and their family is beautiful!

We are so blessed for each and every family we have served!

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