Poland Adoption Steps

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Step 1 - Apply With Our Agency

Apply With Our Agency

After deciding that adoption is what you’d like to pursue, the two biggest questions that follow are what country and what agency?  You should probably look at country first, since different countries have different requirements, like age, that may not work for you.  Then agency is a big one also.  Different agencies work very differently from one another. 

You would be surprised as to how different your experience can be based on the agency you select.  We’re specialized and focused on 2 countries in close proximity to each other.  We have nearly 20 years of experience.  That gives us confidence that we can navigate our parents through the process for each of our 2 countries.   

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Step 2 - Do Paperwork

Prepare Adoption Paperwork

Preparing your paperwork is the first way you’ll experience that agencies do things differently.   With us, you will work with the person that tells you about the process before you become a client. 

That person will be your contact the whole time, from start to finish.  You will not get passed on to others as you advance thru the process.   Prepareing the paperwork, in addition to being a legal task, is also important in terms of cultural interpretation.  Preparing the paperwork in mind with how a country works and what it wants to see is a big step.  

That is why being an expert on few countries rather offering many is a business strategy that we have chosen.  We think it allows us to serve our clients better. 

“Step 3” – Working on Dossier – is done sumultaneously to working on the home study, with our close guidence. 

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Step 3 - Get Approvals

Submit Home Study to CIS 

First major milestone is to get the approval of USCIS.  Consistent with the laws guiding your international adoption, an approval from government is needed in order for you to be considered by the foreign government.  Therefore, once prepared, your home study is turned into USCIS.  USCIS will do their own fingerprints (in addition to the ones we ran on you) and upon their review process will issue their approval.   This document plays a key role of your dossier. 

In addition to meeting state and federal requirements, the home study that you are submitting to CIS must also meet the foreign country’s requirements.

Remember, parallel to completing the home study, we will help you put together your “Polish Adopton Dossier”.  

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Step 4 - Dossier to Poland

Submit Your Dossier Polish Central Authority 

Upon obtaining your CIS approval and finishing the rest of your dossier (with our help), you will submit it all to the foreing country’s government authority that oversees the adoption procedures.  Similar to CIS role here, the Polish Central Authority is the government body that oversees the adoption proceedings in Poland.  Your file is translated and authenticated in Poland by our representatives. 

Your “dossier” contains your home study and the CIS approval and the rest of the paperwork that you had been working on.  

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Step 5 - Wait to Accept Your Child

Wait to Be Matched with a Child.

Waiting is usually not fun, but it is a necessary part of the process.  Your wait time may vary depending on age of child, and the type of special needs you’re willing to consider.  Often times we see, FAS and low birth weight in the Polish referrals.  

Once your family is picked and presented with an opportunity to adopt a child, we will contact you and let you know.  You will be given the medical and social info that is presented by the Polish Central Authority.  You will have 14 days to decide if you’d like to proceed with adopting that particular child. 

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Step 6 and 7 - Wait For Your Trip

Meeting Your Child.

Poland is now a 1 trip country.  Once you say “yes” to your child, we will set out to obtain the ramining necessary paperwork so that you can go meet your child. 

This includes obtaining Article 16 and Article 5 – consisent with the Hague Convention.  This takes a few months.  The timing can vary due to the different regional and local governments, both in the US and Poland that are involved in the issuing of necessary documents. 

We’ve seen cases where the Polish Central Authority has recommended that the parents skype with the child.  And sometimes they don’t.  Since, they have the right to make that decision, we can’t promise one way or the other whether Skype will be implemented or not.  

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Step 8 - Travel to Poland

Picking up your child.

Once, we’ve obtained the paperwork described in the previous steps, 6 and 7, you will go to Poland to begin your bonding period.  Bonding period is 3 weeks and it ends with a Final Court Hearing.  After the court hearing, the judge may (or may not) decide to shorten your appeal period from 3 weeks to 2 weeks.  After this time goes by, the last thing to do is to obtain the child’s visa thru the US embassy.  The trip is typically about 6 -7 weeks in length, though it could vary. 

One parent can come home after about 3 weeks – after the court hearing.  

Upon entering the United States, the child will automatically become a US citizen. 

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Waiting Children in Poland?

Poland Does not Have Separate Process

Poland does not have a different procedure for “waiting children”.

In order to adopt from Poland, you have to complete a home study.  Get CIS approval. Complete dossier.  Submit dossier ot Poland. Wait on Central Authority to propose a match. 

There are no waiting children with whom you can be “matched” per an adotpion agency’s desire. 

Agencies do not have the authority to match adoptive parents with children.  That authority rests with the governments involved in the adoption process. Recently one agency who worked with Poland, and offered a “waiting child process” was debarred by the US government.  

We’re also seeing that other adoption agencies are volunterily no longer accepting applications for their Poland program. 

Any and all “waiting children” on our website are not in Poland. They are in Bulgaria.  They’re listed by the Bulgarian MOJ, and not any private agency. 

Any one applying to adopt a Bulgarian waiting child, must submit an application with the Bulgarian MOJ.  

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