Poland Adoption | 8 Years Later…! 

Each child saved through adoption is a precious miracle! 

We feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to help our amazing parents with Polish adoptions! The Polish adoption process requires that the adoptive parents cooperate with the home study agency to provide 3 post adoption reports.  One at 14 days after arrivng home; one at 3 months after arriving home; and the last one at the 1 year mark after arrival.  

However, we’ve found a way to keep our parents together through an online forum which of course is voluntary.  Its absolutely awesome to be able to see the kids many years later because people get on there and share how they are doing.  This is precisely how we are able to share with you these amazing before-after stories of our adoptive families!  

Seeing the kids and how great they’re doing gives us more than goosebumps. Its an awesome “God thing” that we can’t quite explain with words! All we can do is to say that adoption is a precious miracle! 

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As you can see, he has grown up to be an awesome young man! His mom reports the following about him: 

“We met our son 12/2007. Completed his adoption 1/2008 just before he turned 2. He is now 10, in 4th grade and doing great! Pictures are from plane ride home 2/2008 and from 2/2016 Scout Sunday. He loves to ride bikes & scooters, play soccer, ski, and be outside!

We typically end many of our “happy posts” with, to God be the glory for each child adopted…

However, today, we add, to God be the glory for turning this boy into an amazing young man! 

Poland Adoption


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