Pastoral Reference for Your Dossier

How To Get and Apostille Your Pastor’s Referrence?

This Pastoral Reference is a relatively new requirement from Poland.  We have developed a template to make it easier on our parents.  Keep in mind, this template is not to be used word for word.  It is supposed to give the pastor/priest an idea about what Poland is looking for.

Please feel free to make changes and edits.  Also, it has to be adjusted to your family.  For example, if you have children already, please mention that.

Let us know if you have any questions.

The good news is that you don’t need a notary at the time when the pastor is signing it.  The pastor can JUST sign.

Then, after the pastor has signed, you place on the back the “affidavit” that says it is a true copy and you sign that. A notary notarizes your signature.  Then you apostille.

This is done the same way as the “Reference Letter”, in terms of apostilling.

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