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Entire Home Study is Part of Your Dossier

Your Home Study, once completed and approved by USCIS will play a very important part of your Adoption Dossier.  

This is the most descriptive document of you as candidates for adoption.  As you may recall, there are quite a few sections which are more legal in nature. These include FBI clearances, child abuse clearances and others.  They speak to your suitability as do sections that describe your preparation for international adoption.  

However, there are sections which are more personal. Such sections describe your family lifestyle, your individual upbringing and your hobbies.  We believe these sections play a role when the home study is reviewed by the adoption commission in their attempt to propose a match for your family.   

How Will I Get My Home Study?

Once we’ve completed the review of your home study, your home study agency will print your home study in 5 originals.  

They will send these 5 originals to our office physically. 

As the Primary Provider of Adoption Services, we will attach an “Agency Letter of Certification” stating that the home study meets federal requirements and foreign country requirements. 

One of the 5 originals is for our records. 

Once we attach our “Agency Letter of Certification”, we will physically send you the remaining 4 originals of your home study.  

Read below to understand how you will distribute them. 


How Do I Apostille My Home Study?

This question is answered above, but here is a little more detail.  So, out of the 4 originals we’ll mail you, 2 of them will get apostilled. 

These 2 will get apostilled in your state. 

Then they will get apostilled in NC.   

It doesn’t matter which state will apostille them first.  You can send to NC first, and then your state, or vice versa. 

When we sent you your home studies, we included instructions and a cover letter for how to apostille these in NC. 

What Do I Do With My Home Study?

At this point, we’ve physically mailed you 4 originals of your home study. 

1 of these originals is for your records.  Put it away in a safe place. 

1 is for USCIS.  For this one, you will follow our guidelines for filling out the I800A Form and you will be sending it to USCIS along with other supporting documents and the required USCIS Fee. 

2 of these originals will get an Apostille and will become a part of your dossier.   Because all 5 originals were identical copies to begin with, you can simply send the 2 originals to your Secretary of State for apostille (while you send the other original designated for CIS to CIS separately).  

IMPORTANT:  In addition to getting the apostilles from your state, you also have to get them apostilled in NC. 

IT does not matter which state will apostille the home studies first.  You could send them to NC first, and then send them to your state.  Or you could send them to your state first and then send them to NC. 


What If I Live in North Carolina?

If you live in North Carolina and we are your home study agency, we will send everything to you ready to get apostilled.  All you’ll have to do is send it to NC Secretary of State for Apostille.  

You wouldn’t be apostilling them in any other state, except for NC. 

If you are US citizens living abroad, and we’re your home study agency, you will apostille these in NC as well. 


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