How To Apostille the Home Study

Bulgarian International Adoption

The Home Study, once completed and approved by USCIS will play a very important part of your Adoption Dossier.  

This is the most descriptive document of you as candidates for adoption.  As you may recall, there are quite a few sections which are more legal in nature. These include FBI clearances, child abuse clearances and others.  They speak to your suitability as do sections that describe your preparation for international adoption.  

However, there are sections which are more personal. Such sections describe your family lifestyle, your individual upbringing and your hobbies.  We believe these sections play a role when the home study is reviewed by the adoption commission in their attempt to propose a match for your family.  

To obtain an Apostille for your home study, you will send it your secretary of state for Apostille.  When it is all said and done, you will have 5 original copies of your home study.  

  • 1 Home Study will go to CIS for their approval. 
  • 1 Home Study will stay for our records in our office. 
  • 1 Home Study is for your records. 
  • 2 Home studies you will Apostille in your state first and then in the state of NC – because that is where our office is located.  (If you live in NC, it only gets apostilled in NC).