Bulgarian Waiting Child

Bulgarian International Adoption

Hi Kristi and Mark,

As I said, please don’t sell your hearts for this particular child quite yet because there are other agencies, in addition to us, who are advocating for this little girl.  

If one of those other agencies finds a home for her by September 16, then you wouldn’t be able to apply. 

However, if they don’t, we will submit your application (below) and we see no resaon why they may say anything other than “yes”. 

Once they approve your application (given that the child is still available), the MOJ will give you 6 mo to finish home study.  We can talk about that more later. 

I am here to help you, so please reach out whenever you have any questions. 


1. MOJ Application for Kristi and Mark

Linked for you as a word document.  Please download and fill it out.  You can use the “Example” and “Instructions” to help you. 


2. Authorization-Adoptive Parents

Linked for you as a word document.  It is simply the letter to authorize our representatives to represent you.  

 3. Letter-of-Acknowledgement-Doctor-Consult-

Linked for you as a word document.  It is part of the MOJ application requirement that seeks a doctor consult.  

In Addition, please also scan me: 

Copies of your Driver License 

Pictures of you and your house 


Please begin working on these documents.  Remember, I am here to help, so please ask me questions.  I would like to review everything and give you feedback before you notarize any of them. 

We will also get feedback from our Bulgarian partners. 

So, in summary, each document needs to: 


So a completed list (at this time) of everything you have to do is as follows:  

MOJ Application

Letter of Acknowledgment – Medical Consult

Authorization of Representation

Copies of your Driver’s Licenses

Electronic Pictures of you and your house