How To Apostille Medical Form

Bulgarian International Adoption

*Warning/Reminder*:  Your Medical Form has to be LESS than 12 months old at the time you submit your completed dossier to Bulgaria.   

Also, any additional medical letters obtained during the home study process also need to be apostilled. 

The Medical Forms, both parts linked below, will be used both here in the US and in Bulgaria.  You need them both. (The medical form is to be completed by every family member, including children, or any other addtional household members that lives in your household).  

You would have to schedule a physical with your physician and take the form with you. They will fill both forms out.

Than a notary must sign the doctor’s signature.  The doctor signing the from must be an Medical Doctor (MD).  The doctor cannot be a PA for example.  He or she must have an MD, or an equivalent degree.  If you have any doubts as to whether their signature will meet the necessary requirements, please ask us and we’ll check for you.

Many doctors’ offices know that from time to time, they need notaries.  Therefore, it is worth checking in with your doctor’s office to see if they have a notary on staff.  If they don’t, you can bring a friend who is a notary with you, or if that doesn’t work out, you can google “traveling notaries” and hire someone to come out.  


Both forms need to be filled out.  Signed by a MD.  Notarized by a notary who notarizes’ the MD’s signature.  

The “Medical Form (Bulgaria)” needs to be Apostilled

The “Medical Form (St. Mary’s) only needs notary.  No apostille required 


**IMPORTANT**:  Both forms, the “Medical Form Bulgaria” and the “Medical Form St. Mary’s” have to compliment each other. 

You can’t have the doctor disclose information in the “St. Mary’s Form” about a certain condition, and then not say anything about that same condition in the “Bulgaria Form”.  If the doctor mentions something in one form, the social worker has to talk about it in the home study.  If the social worker talks about in the home study, it needs to be listed on the “Medical Form Bulgaria”. 

The medical forms are tricky, so let us help you with them.  Before finalizing them with your doctor, especially if there are conditions listed, let us take a look and tell you whether the info provided is sufficient – before you go thru the trouble of notarizing it.

Please see a screenshot of of how your Bulgarian Medical Form should look like. 


Medical Form for International Adoption.

How to Apostille “Medical Form (Bulgaria)” | Step by Step: 

1.  You take both forms from above to the doctor’s office.  

2.  Your doctor, an MD, fills it and signs it.  

3.  A notary notarizes the doctor’s signature.  After this is done, you don’t do much else with that form.  Its an original, so no need for affidavit.  It is signed by the MD.  And it is notarized already, so you don’t have to do any of those things.  

4.  All that is left is for you to send it to your Secretary of State for the apostille. You only need to apostille “Medical Form (Bulgaria). 

Once you get it back with the Apostille, you make a photocopy of the already apostilled form for the second adoption dossier set.

This form goes along with the others going to your home state for apostille. 

If you have any questions about how to Apostille Medical Form, please call us!

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