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Siblings wishing for adoptive parents.
siblings waiting to be adopted.
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International Adoption Photolising – Kane and Belle 

Meet Kane and Belle.  

Kane is 14 and Belle is 11. 

Kane has some mild needs while Belle is considered clinically healthy.  

Kane is move of an introvert. He orientates well about when and what would benefit him.

Kane plays computer games.  He likes soccer. 

Kane has difficulties in the educational process and is being supported by a resource teacher.

He is able to take care of himself but requires control so as to maintain good every-day and personal hygiene.

Belle has a normal physical and neuro-psychological development and is clinically healthy. 

Her personality development is correspondent to the her age and character.

Belle participates in the group’s joint events.

She follows the rules of games. She feel equally well among peers and among adults.

Belle demonstrates an interest in musical equipment. She likes listening to music and playing computer games.

Her school performance is excellent.

In her spare time Belle reads a lot of books from the community library.

Belle is independent and obedient. Well-maintained hygiene and style of dressing, but under supervision by the social worker or a caregiver.

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More information on these two is available and videos may also be available. 

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