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Bulgarian Photolisting of Older Children and Sibling Groups

This section of the page highlights sibling groups and older children available for adoption. By being on this page, you acknowledge that you accept our terms from our waiting child page.

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Updated July 26 – Lilly and Elly – Available September, 2023

Elly and Lilly

Lilly is 9. She is healthy. Elly is 14. She is healthy. The sisters live in separate foster homes in different towns. (S) Text | 704 527 7673;

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Elly and Lilly live in 2 separate foster families in 2 different villages in Eastern Europe.


Elly is 14 years old. She is healthy, no health problems. She is in the 7th grade and studies in the village where she lives. She likes math and dislikes physics, Elly is not very good at sports. She has friends at school and in the village. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends – they visit each other, go for walks together. She lives alone with her foster mother, whom she calls “grandma” and helps her with daily tasks. She still can’t cook. They have a cat that lives in the yard. Elly has a birthday on May 19, which she plans to celebrate with cake and friends. For her birthday she would like to get a cell phone as she still does not have one. She likes the South Korean boy band called BTS. Elly is studying English at school – she told us the colors, animals and counting. Her favorite color is purple. She doesn’t like the color blue for clothes. She likes to eat spaghetti, pizza and meat ball soup. She doesn’t like broccoli and spinach. Likes fruits and vegetables. Elly went on an excursion to several towns in Bulgaria. She has not gone to the sea or the pool, but she would like to go to the sea and learn to swim. She likes to read books, draw and have fun. Summer vacation likes to spend time outside with friends. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Elly has a burn mark under her right eye – she was told that when she was little, a stovepipe fell on her. As her sister, she shared that when they were in their biological family, they lived poorly but that there was no abuse or hunger. Their father worked in another city, and their mother constantly went out to bars and did not take good care of them. That is why the children were taken by the social services. They have three more brothers – one is with their father, the other was adopted in Germany and the third one just went out of age for adopting. Elly would like to be adopted together with her younger sister; she wants them to have a family to take care of them. She would be happy if there are more children in the family.



Lilly is 9 years old. She is healthy, no health problems. She is in the 3rd grade, studying in the village where she lives. He does well in mathematics, Bulgarian and literature. In English she can count and knows some of the colors and animals. She lives alone with her foster mother, whom she calls “grandma” and helps her with daily tasks. Lilly has friends in the village and at school with whom she likes to spend time. Summer vacation likes to spend time outside with friends and cycling. She did not travel much. Lilly is a very cheerful girl, she likes to read books, draw and have fun. She went to the seaside with her previous foster family, but she was younger and doesn’t remember much of it. She hopes to go again. Her favorite color is pink. Lilly loves meat ball soup and moussaka (a traditional BG meal with potatoes and minced meat). She doesn’t like apples. She doesn’t like carrots and broccoli. Lilly wants to be a makeup artist when she grows up. For her birthday she would like to get a cell phone. She doesn’t remember much of the time she was in her biological family. She wants to be adopted with her older sister; she wants to have a family to take care of them. She would be happy if there are more children in the family.


These 2 children are really great!! They have so much potential for development. Unfortunately, they spent too long time in the foster system – 8 years … We really hope that these sweet children find their forever family soon. They have emotional connection between them. They need to be in a family environment together with mommy and daddy who love all of them for who they are. They both have their unique and at the same time sweet personalities. They get along! We hope that the family of these children will find them soon and they will be reunited! 

Updated April 5 – Simon – Available May 17, 2023


Simon is 13. He has some delays due to neglect and growing up in an orphanage. (N/M) Text | 704 527 7673;

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To learn more about Simon, please contact us.  We have addtional info and videos.

Updated April 5 – Konan – Available May 17, 2023


Konan is 7. He is diagnosed with Microcephaly. He is making good progress in recent months and wants to find a loving home. (N) Text | 704 527 7673;

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To learn more about Konan, please contact us. 

Updated April 5 – Kasie and Sam – Available May 17, 2023

Kasie and Sam

Kasie (13) and Sam (12) are both in good health. Apparent age corresponds to their calendar age. (I) Text | 704 527 7673;

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For more info on this sibling group, please contact us. 

Updated Jan 23 – Denis – Available February 15, 2023


Denis is 11. He is shy. He has some needs that are keeping him behind. He needs a loving intervention. (N). Text | 704 527 7673;

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Motor development: 

general: No change was observed during the past period. General motor skills, lags behind the age norm. Underdevelopment in the motor sphere is expressed in uncoordinated and inaccuracy of movements, non-rhythmicity, incorrect doing of more complex movements with the hands, difficulty in synchronizing actions between hands and feet. He can feed himself. The child moves unaided with good coordination and wide gait, no need of support. It is stable when squatting, standing up, jumping, getting on and off a chair, bench. Passes obstacles of different heights, being able to maintain balance when he stumbles; climbs and descends stairs independently without support. He manages to get around obstacles. Rolls a big ball.  Catches a ball with two hands.  Steps on different surfaces.   

Fine motor development: No change was observed during the past period. Poorly developed fine motor skills. When eating, he grabs and holds a biscuit, waffle, sticks. There is no built-in tweezer grip, it is difficult to grasp and hold a crayon, pencil, small objects. With guidance from an adult, he can transfer with spoon chestnuts from bowl to bowl, plays with certain materials and toys, pinches and pinches with a pin, looks for and find an object hidden in sand. He holds a pencil and leaves marks on a sheet of paper. He can feed himself with a spoon. Keeps mouth open but no salivation. He likes to paint with a brush and paints – he observes and accurately repeats the actions in a sequence. Takes the touch of foam, plasticine, bird feather with palms. He enjoys playing with sand as well as ropes. 

Psychological status

No change was observed during the past period. The child lags behind significantly in all indicators of neuropsychological development. Adaptive skills are greatly reduced. Learning and understanding skills are also greatly reduced. Social skills are underdeveloped. The child demonstrates behavior corresponding to moderate mental retardation – IQ – 35. He is psycho-motorically calm with stereotyped body movements and disorders of the sensory profile of development, he has hypersensitivity to noises, increased interest in smelling and touching objects. When in pain, Dennis becomes restless and sometimes reacts by shouting. The interest in joint activities with the psychologist is low, it shows attachment to the foster parent. Diagnosis: 71.1 Severe mental delay with significant behavioral disturbance requiring care. 

Perceptions and concepts: 

Poor, fragmented and undifferentiated. Shows interest and manipulates objects, but does not use them correct according to their functionality. 

Vision orienting reactions: Denis makes eye contact mainly when greeting. The child enjoys familiar faces and smiles at their appearance. Mimics observed actions. 

Hearing orienting reactions: The child does not understand and does not follow verbal commands. Sometimes reacts when called by name or to a loud noise.  

Attention span:  

Severe attention deficit. Low capacity for concentration and poor resistance to active attention. Limited volume and workability. Increased response time. Active attention is difficult to attract and it depends on the type of activity for how long he will remain focused. a purposeful activity may be performed mainly using the hand-over-hand technique for about 10-15 minutes, and switching activities. 

Memory: Severe violation of memory processes. Memory is unhelpful, emotional and situational.

Thinking: Thinking is visual-active. Poor understanding of concepts of a daily household situations. Understands some basic commands and perform them selectively. During a game, as well as in certain situations, his reactions indicate the presence of an intention and thinking. There is a strong interest in certain toys: spirals, cords, tombal. During a walk, he carefully observes the people around him, looks in the windows. The process of perceiving information is difficult.


Updated Jan 23 – Gabriel  – Available until February 15, 2023


Gabriel is 12. He is in good general health. (I) Text | 704 527 7673;

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Gabriel is 12.

General physical development:

Somatic status (body configuration and state of health): in good general condition; physical development apparently corresponds to age; glasses with a diopter are fitted, as a result of vision problems; with them, the child orients himself better; general: runs, climbs stairs and loves games; sometimes chaotic movements of the body in space are observed.

fine: not well developed for the age. Hold the pencil correctly, the pressure of graphic material is not always regulated. Draws figures and objects, having difficulty rotating the hand to execute complex details

Psychological status:

Perceptions and ideas: the perception of objects in the variety of their properties – shape, color, size, movement, contactability are not always observed. Recognizing some of their properties is in the game. It is often difficult to associate an object with the name of a word reflecting an action in a visually practical way.

Attention: (stability, concentration, switching) when setting Insufficient persistence and concentration for the overall performance of the task is observed on a specific task. In these cases, the child does not complete the task. Active attention is difficult to attract. In situations of assistance from an adult, in isolated cases it succeeds in switching and sustaining attention.

Memory: the level of memory processes, often related to past stored operations. Memorizing a specific task requires more effort and repetition by the child.

Thinking: there is a poor level of development of the thought process. Often the word order when speaking is broken, confused and even sometimes incomprehensible. Difficulty comparing, analyzing and synthesizing. When asking a specific question or task, the child does not always answer or the answer is not logically related to the question asked. He has difficulty comparing objects and phenomena that he does not immediately perceive. Hence Galin’s difficulty in moving to verbal,logical thinking.

Updated Jan 20, 23 – Jackson – Available March 15


Lia is 12. She is calm and polite. She has some delays and trouble paying attention at times: Text | 704 527 7673;

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Moderate Mental Disability

Jackson is 14 years old boy, who is living in a Child Center in Eastern Europe. First 8 years he was living by his mother, but after she met her new husband, Jackson was treated badly by his new father. He was taken out from the family by the social services and placed in Foster family. After spending 2 years in foster family he was placed in the Child center with another 15 kids close to the area where he was born.

Jackson is physically well developed for his age bud has some difficulties in learning and sometimes behavioral issues.

The child is in good general physical condition. He is mobile, walks independently, can eat by himself. He can take care about himself without help. Jackson has some basic hygiene habits. Under instructions, he performs daily activities of everyday life, but he needs a reminder. He works willingly, but sometimes does not follow instructions. Takes part in all forms of activities, where he is active, executive, disciplined. Usually he is relatively calm and dosen’t worries about a new situation. He comes into verbal contact easily but has not so much to say.

Jackson loves to paint, likes to watch cartoons and watches news programs with interest. Contactable and friendly child, who maintains friendships. Seeks encouragement and approval from an adult. The child has good socially acceptable behavior, good integration into the team. In the academic year 2021/2022, Jackson is a student at 6th grade at the local school. Classes are held at school by a resource teacher in strict compliance with the rules of disinfection, distance and use of personal protective equipment because of the pandemic. The child is enrolled in afterschool social services in a Center for Social Integration and Rehabilitation and in the Day Care Center for Children with Disabilities, where specialists work with him.


Updated Nov 10, 22 – Rio  – Available until Dec 15


Rio is 14. He is in good health and on track for his age developmentally. (I) Text | 704 527 7673;

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A male child with age-appropriate physical and neuropsychological development. Clinically sound.

Updated Nov 10, 22 – Rio  – Available until Dec 15


Lia is 12. She is calm and polite. She has some delays and trouble paying attention at times: Text | 704 527 7673;

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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: There is no well-developed independence – she is guided daily by the staff of the Institution. There is unstable attention, poor concentration. Understands simple instructions related to household and daily activities. The child showed a calm demeanor during the meetings. No declared interests. No real self-esteem.


ORIENTATION IN INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS: The child easily establishes contact, is sociable. The relationships with the people with whom she communicates are aimed at satisfying emotional deficits.


PLAY ACTIVITY: The activities she participates in are tailored to her age and capabilities. She likes to listen to children’s songs and dance. The activities in which she participates are aimed at developing general and fine motor skills. She likes to play alone.


EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY: The child is enrolled as a regular student in the fourth grade. She is assisted by a resource teacher. She does not know her preferred learning style and does not apply learning strategies. It cannot identify the more important information. There are no preferred subjects and activities.


HOUSEHOLD – HYGIENE HABITS SELF-SERVICE SKILLS: The child is guided and supported on a daily basis by the specialists at the institution. She has a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.


ATTITUDE AND ATTITUDES TO THE ADOPTION PROCESS: The child does not understand the adoption process and cannot express his attitudes.


Updated Aug 19, 22 – Kia   – Available October 15


Kia is 16. She is clinically helathy. Her intellect matches her age. (M). For more: Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated Aug 19, 22 – Bianca  – Available until October 15


Bianca is 13. She is in good health and on track for her age developmentally. (M) Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated Aug 19, 22 – Ben  – Available until October 15


Ben is 16. He is physically and clinically healthy. (M) For more: Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated July 25, 22 – Vance   – Available September 15


Vance was born in 2007. He is clinically healthy and his intellect coresponds to his calendar age. (M). For more: Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated June 7, 22 – Scotty  – Available until July 18


Scotty just turned 13. He is friendly, calm, and appreciative. He is thankful to his care givers and foster family that spends time with him. He likes soccer and loves going fishing. For more: Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated June 7, 22 – Ian – Available until July 18


Ian is 13. He is physically and clinically healthy, but is behind intellectually. He needs someone to spend time with him so he can catch up. For more: Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated May 13, 22 – Alexander and Amelia – Available until June 15

Alex and Amelia

Amelia is 14 and Alex is 12. Both clinically healthy. Listed on here because of their older age. Will you consider giving them a home? Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated May 13, 22 – Adam and Dionis – Available until June 15

Adam and Dionis

Adam is 12 and Dionis is 14. No speical needs. Both say they want to be adopted and have a family of their own! Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated May 3, 22 – Ruben – Available until July 15


Ruben is 11. He is smiley, curious and social child. He is calm and doesn't look for conflicts. His attitude towards adoption is good. Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated April 19, 22 – Sam, Kay, and Tina – Available until April 23

Sam, Kay, Tina

Meet adorable siblings, Sam (2008), Kay (2011), and Tina (2013). The two girsl are placed in one foster family, the boy in another. The girls lvoe to laugh and the boy is quiet. He is very smart. The kids are polite and humble. Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated April 19, 22 – Messi and Thiago – Available until June 16

Messi and Thiago

Meet borthers and soccer fans, Messi and Thiago. Messi is 10 and Thiago is 13. They are completely healthy and have no special needs. Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated March 23, 22 – Ricky and Elliot – Available until June 15 – *Grant Available*

Ricky and Elliot

No Special Needs! Ricky and Elliot are very nice and smart boys. Ricky is 10 and in 4th grade; Elliot is 13 and he is in 7th grade. They both love school and do well. Their passion is soccer and they can spend hours talking about it. They participate in various competitions and games from school. Ricky and Elliot never miss the local village team's matches at the local stadium! Text | 704 527 7673;

Updated Jan 18, 22 – Greg – Available until Feb 15

Waiting Child Greg

Greg is 12. He was abandoned after the divorce of his family. He is physically well developed for his age and has some mild delays. He is neat and very clean. He likes to eat different things and loves naps. Text | 704 527 7673

Updated March 23, 22 – Thomas – Available until June 15 – *Grant Available*

Waiting Child Thomas

Thomas is 13. He is clinically healthy, but has some delays and behavior issues. He would benefit from a stable home where he can experience love, compassion and get the resources he needs to do better. If you're interested in more: Text | 704 527 7673;



The Waiting Children you see listed above may no longer be available for adoption.  Because, there are numerous agencies advocating  for them at the same time, any child who is currently listed may become unavailable at any time.   If you are interested in any particular child, we will find out if the child is still available before we start any paperwork with you.

In accordance with US regulations, our agency promises to inform the Bulgarian MOJ if we become aware that a family with a completed home study may be interested in adopting any “waiting child” for whom our agency has already submitted an “MOJ Application”.  The reason for this is that the Ministry, upon its sole discretion, may decide that it is in the best interest of the child to be matched with a family who has a completed home study.

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To see some of the kids whom we’re currently advocating for on rainbowkids, you may see thier profiles listed below.

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