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Updated May 31 – Brian – Available Until July 21


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Brian is 8 years old boy, who is placed at a Foster family in Eastern Europe.

The boy walks independently, squats, stands, stretches and folds his arms. Handles objects equally with both hands. Climbs on chairs and sofas. On the playground, he manages to get on and off the toys by himself.


The child is smiling. Seeks attention from others. When stimulated by the foster parent, the child reacts, hugs and seeks contact with her. He smiles when teased and gets angry whensomeone is taking the toy he is interested in.


Loving and looking for tenderness and attention from his loved ones. He takes a man by the hand to show him something he desires. He likes to be taken care of, smiles at caress and attention from adults.

Updated May 31 – Oliver – Available Until July 21


More info coming soon.. text us at 704 527 7673.

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Updated May 31 – Amelia – Available Until July 21


To find out more, please text us at 704 527 7673.

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Amelia is 11 years old girl, who is living in Foster family in Eastern Europe.

The child has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. Amelia is on permanent anti-epileptic therapy with “Convulex”. Since being placed in the foster family, the child has seizures around once a month.

Amelia’s gross motor skills are well developed. She is able to control body posture, has good coordination of movements and balance; good awareness of body’s position in space compared to other objects. The fine motor activity is underdeveloped. She holds a pen but her movements are chaotic and clumsy which is why she cannot draw or colour inside the lines.

Generally, Amelia’s mood is stable. She rarely gets irritated, usually when prohibited to do or have a desired object; however, her mood quickly changes as soon as another object attracts her attention. She is constantly on a move, doing a variety of activities; she has never been seen despondent or depressive.


The Waiting Children you see listed above may no longer be available for adoption.  Because, there are numerous agencies advocating  for them at the same time, any child who is currently listed may become unavailable at any time.   If you are interested in any particular child, we will find out if the child is still available before we start any paperwork with you. 

In accordance with US regulations, our agency promises to inform the Bulgarian MOJ if we become aware that a family with a completed home study may be interested in adopting any “waiting child” for whom our agency has already submitted an “MOJ Application”.  The reason for this is that the Ministry, upon its sole discretion, may decide that it is in the best interest of the child to be matched with a family who has a completed home study.  

Waiting Child Photolisting Rotation

There are numerous accredited Bulgarian adoption agencies, or Foreign Supervised Providers, who advocate for children at the same time.  Once a child’s cycle with one accredited agency is over, the child goes to another agency who advocates for the child through their US accredited agencies.  For these reasons, a child may no longer be on our rotation, but may still be available for adoption.  You could pursue their adoption through what is called a “pending application”.  In any case, if you are interested in a particular child, you should contact us and we’ll find out the status of the child before we talk any further.