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How to Finance Adoption Cost

January 5, 2018 – Update – Charlotte NC

We’re excited to let you know more about our agency’s financing options.

Learning how to finance adoption cost through this program that we offer has already helped several of our adoptive parents.

Charlotte is a banking center and our Operations Manager, Nick has been eager to find a good option to help adoptive parents take advantage of a monthly payment plan, similar to the way many other things are financed over time.

Options vary and can different payment plans are available.

To find out more – contact Nick –


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Bulgaria Adoption Cost – Financing – Monthly Payments Available 

Waiting Child Fee Schedule
MOJ Application Submission Free (most agencies charge for this)
MOJ Approval (or denial) Free
Upon MOJ Approval 1,600 Euro Wire to Bulgaria
Agency Applicaiton Fee $300 Due with application
Agency Fee $6,200 Payment Plan Available
Dossier Fee $6,500 Due 6 – 9 months after Agency Fee
1,000 Euro Wire to Bulgaria
MOJ Approval of Dossier 5,400 Euros
Due about 3 months after dossier wire to Bulgaria
First Trip $5,000 Due shortly before travel
PayPal Available
Second Trip $3,000 Due shortly before travel
PayPal Available
Total $21,000 and 8,000 Euro

Bulgaria Adoption Cost – Traditional Route



Traditional Fee Structure
Applicaiton Fee $300 Due with application
Agency Fee $6,200 Payment Plan Available (Due with signed contract -PayPal or check)
Dossier Fee $6,500 On your time table – when you complete your dossier (PayPal or check)
1,000 Euro Wire to Bulgaria
Foreign Fees
First Trip 5,000 Euros and $5,000 After you’ve been matched and accepted your child. (Wire and PayPal)
Second Trip 2,000 Euros and $3,000 After court date has approved you as parents. (Wire and PayPal)
Total $21,000 and 8,000 Euro
The Bulgarian Adoption Cost above Do NOT include:
Home Study Fees (likely payable to a local agency in your state, unless you’re in NC)
Airplane Tickets
Cost of staying overseas and taking care of yourself and your child while in Poland
State and federally regulated certification or processing fees
Mailing expenses
Other third party fees
All of these fees are variable in nature. 

Relaxed Fee Structure

Success Story – Rasing Money

Our Social Worker’s Advice

Important Facts About The Bulgaria Adoption Cost Listed Above

  • The Bulgaria Adoption Fee Schedule is approximately $21,000 plus € 8,000 including agency fees, application fees, and international fees. Please keep in mind that upon completion of your adoption you would be eligible for an Adoption Tax Credit, which currently is approximately $13,000.
  • Adopting a sibling group of two will double the foreign fees.  The domestic fees will remain unchanged.  The additional charges for adopting two siblings are necessary to meet the foreign country legal requirements.  These include additional paperwork and legal involvement of attorney as is required per child.  This process creates more legal work, more translation, and authentication. 
  • Parents should keep in mind the fees are spread out throughout the entire process and are not due at once.
  • These adoption fees are due as parents move through the process.  Often times there are several months’ time between when the fees described above are due.  
  • In addition, the fees which are due overseas are due only after the parents have accepted their child and are traveling to meet him/her. 

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