CIS Approval and Apostille

How To Apostille CIS Approval 

Before we take a look at How to apostille your CIS Approval, here is a little reminder as to what this document is.  

The I-797 is the Approval Letter which USCIS will issue upon approving your home study.  It is basically a one page approval letter that says you are approved by the US standards as favorable candidate(s) for international adoption.  In your case, it will approve you for Polish international adoption.  

This is an important document because, per Hague Standards, for the protection of the children, both the US and Polish governments are involved in the process in order to oversee that all rules and regulations and requirements for the protection of the children are being met.  This CIS Approval letter is the US side of your approval.  It is an important part of your dossier, which will go onward to the Polish government’s Central Authority for the next steps of the adoption process.  

If you would like to learn more about the CIS Approval Process, you can read more here.   If you like to read more about the forms, you can click here.


How to apostille CIS Approval  – Step By Step: 


Step 1:  Make 2 photocopies of it.  

Step 2:  Put the original away at a a safe place.  You’re done with it. 

Step 3:  Take the 2 copies, and on the back of each, place the AFFIDAVIT followed by the NOTARY OATH. 

Step 4:  Send to Secretary of State for Apostille. Address is linked on previous page. 

How To Use Affidavit and Notary Oath 

After you’ve made copies of each child abuse clearance, copy and paste the affidavit and notary oath on the back of each.  Describe the document as “USCIS Approval Letter”.  Have a notary notarize your signature.  Send for apostille.

Warning:  Double check that the notary oath is acceptable in your state or local requirements. Notary should know. 



This is a true, complete and accurate copy of the ____Describe Here: For Example: “USCIS Approval Letter”____


Printed Name Here (singed above)




State of_________________________


I, ____________________________________________________

A Notary Public for said County and State, do hereby certify that


Personally appeared before me this day and acknowledged the due execution of the foregoing instrument.

Witness my hand and official seal, this  ____day of month__ year_________.


……………………                         __________________________________________

(Official seal)                                  Signature of Notary Public

My Commission Expires: day_______, month_______, year__________.

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