Apostille for Your Home Study Agency’s License

Your Home Study Agency’s License is also a part of your Polish Adoption Dossier. It is comparable to the medical form and the employment letter because it is not your signature that is being authenticated (apostille), but another person’s.  Just like the notary notarizes your doctor’s signature, and just like the notary notarizes your supervisor’s signature on the employment letter, the home study agency will get a notary to notarize their signature on their licenses.  So, what you will need to do is ask your home study agency for 2 notarized copies of their agency’s license.  They will do what you’ve been doing to the purple documents.  That is, they will make copies of their actual license, of which there is only one, and they will place the affidavit (or a similar oath) and will notarize their director’s signature who has the authority to say that the license is a real copy of the actual license.  They will then send these two signed and notarized copies to you.  Since they come to you signed and notarized, there is nothing else for you to do but send to the Secretary of State to obtain an apostille for them.  

(If we are your home study agency, don’t worry about doing this – we’ll do it).

Steps explaining how to Apostille Home Study License:


Step1: Call your home study agency and tell them that you need 2 SIGNED AND NOTARIZED copies of their STATE LICENSE. 

Step 2:  Tell them that you need that for your Polish Adoption Dossier. 

Step 3:  Once you have them, send them to your home Secretary of State for an Apostille

Step 4: You need NOT do anything to these licenses but send them directly to Secretary of State.  The are already signed.  They are already notarized. 

If you have any questions about how to Apostille the Home Study License, please contact me at your convenience.  704 957 8696.

To educate yourself about the authentication process that results in obtaining an apostille, we recommend this reading from the Department of State’s website linked for your convenience here. 

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