Employment Letter

How To Apostille Employment Letter?

This is another document which will be used both for the home study and your dossier.  Hyperlinked above, is an example of what is needed for your Employment Letter.  It does not have to be exactly the same.  However, the letter, written by Human Resources Director, or your direct Supervisor should contain the key information including answers to the questions:  

  • How long have you worked at your current job?
  • What is your salary?
  • What is your title?  

Whether you use the template or not, please make sure that the Employment Letter is written on the company’s letterhead, and that it is dated.  It would also need to be signed with a real signature.  Meaning, it cannot be an electronic signature.  The Notary will then notarize the signature of your director/supervisor who is signing it.   

Make sure that you use an appropriate oath like the one in the letter itself.  Now some states will require a different oath, and if that is the case, you can trust the local notary’s input on this.  Florida and California are two such states.  There are others.  However, be careful about the following.  Many employers, will consider something to be “notarized” when the notary stamps his or her seal on the document without putting down any kind of notary oath.  Now, it appears that this may be fine for in-office procedures, but the Secretary of State will not issue an apostille for something like that.  So, make sure that the notary, especially if he or she is the “office notary”, goes the extra mile for your Adoption Employment Letter and puts in the correct oath as is required by the Secretary of State before they can apostille.  

How to apostille employment letter –  Step by Step:

Step 1: You draft employment letter and take to your director to be signed.

Step 2: Your HR Director or Direct Supervisor signs it.

Step 3:  A notary notarizes the director’s signature.

Step 4: You need 2 originals of this.

Step 5:  All that is left is for you to send it to your Secretary of State for the apostille. It is a “green” so it goes together with the others to your home state.

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