August 8 – Adoption Update | IAAME 

On August 8, we received an email from The Department of State informing us that COA will no longer be the only adoption accrediting entity. 

It appears that another accrediting entity is in the works.  It is called the Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc., (IAAME)

In order to carry out its opearations, an adoption agency has to be accredited.  This far, the Council on Accreditaiton has been the only option for agencies to become Hague Accredited.  The email from DOS says that IAAME will be the second AE – or Accrediting Entity, in accordance with 22CFR Part 96.

The Department describes the new AE’s functions as such:

“1) the Department of State’s approval of systems, procedures, and a fee schedule that will be coordinated as necessary to ensure consistency in accreditation systems and procedures used by both AEs;


2) the Department of State’s determination of jurisdictional parameters”.

To read their full notification, click here.

Whenever more information becomes available, we will give you an update.



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