Instructions For Adoption Dossier | Read Me First 


The green documents are “green” because I want to help you group them together in the sense that they will all be going together to your Secretary of State for their apostilles.  This is the state where you currently reside – IL.


In order to get a IL Apostille, you will send the docs to IL Secretary of State at: 


Illinois Secretary of State
Index Department
17 N. State St., Ste 1010
Chicago, IL 60602


IL Charges $2 per Apostille


Include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Also, when using prepaid Express Mail, Priority Mail, Federal Express, UPS or Airborne Express include a prepaid bill receipt from that carrier. The envelope may be addressed to the applicant or a third party.


Note from IL Secy of State:  Requests to forward or return authenticated documents that do not include a shipping label “pre-printed” from the FedEx or UPS website will be sent to the customer by First Class mail.


Click below to get the form you’ll need as a “cover letter” specifically for “adoption” when you mail them your docs 


It is always a good idea to call IL and make sure that there hadn’t been any changes to their location or to the fees they charge. 312 814 8218.


Now, keep in mind, just because all the “green” documents will go together, that does not mean that they are all prepared in the same way.  On the contrary there are quite a few differences in the steps you have to take with each in order to get them eligible for an apostille.  

One quick example is the Medical form.  It is signed by your doctor, and a notary notarizes his/her signature.  So you don’t have to do much but send it.  However, the reference form is something you make copies of and implement the affidavit/oath legalization before sending it – so you have more work there.  

Different forms will need different things done to them.  So please make sure to take the time and read the individual steps within each different document.  For some that I though were more challenging to prepare, there are videos of me explaining things.  Hope that helps.  

At the end of the day, remember, I am here to help, so if somethings isn’t clear – pick up the phone and call me!

Lets do this thing!

(Below is an FAQ directly from IL, if you’d like to check it out – but you don’t have to, and we always link to our Bulgaria page – as it is always changing with its new blogs and adoption stories)