Getting an Apostilles for Adoption Reasons

Birth and Marriage Certificates

How To Apostille Marriage Certificate from NJ?


Your marriage certificate is from NJ. 

For your adoption, you need 2 originals apostilled. 

You would have to contact the County which issued your marriage certificate and get 4 certified copies all together. 2 of these 4 are for your dossier. 

Since they’re issued by the state, they do NOT need to be notarized. 

You will send them to New Jersey Secretary of State for Apostille. 

The address is the same as listed in your instructions here. 


Your birth certificates DO NOT need to be apostilled.  Earlier, in the “read me first”, I asked that you order 4 certified copies of your birth certificates.  That is the total number you’ll need for the entire adoption process.  2 of them will be for the dossier.  However, they do not need to be apostilled.  So when you send us the dossier, just include 2 of the 4 copies.  


For any divorces, the divorce certificates need to be presented with the adoption dossier.  Only photocopies of these divorce certificates/degrees are required.  No apostilles.  Just copies of each one.