Getting an Apostilles for Adoption Reasons

Birth and Marriage Certificates


Your marriage certificate is from PA as well. 

That makes things easier.  In the beginning of these instructions, I had told you to get 4 certified copies of your marriage (and birth certicates).   2 of these are for the dossier.  That means 2 need the apostille.

So, please send 2 marriage certificates to PA Secy of State along with all the other docs. 

Your birth certificates DO NOT need to be apostilled.  Earlier, in the “read me first”, I asked that you order 4 certified copies of your birth certificates.  That is the total number you’ll need for the entire adoption process.  2 of them will be for the dossier.  However, they do not need to be apostilled.  So when you send us the dossier, just include 2 of the 4 copies.  


For any divorces, the divorce certificates need to be presented with the adoption dossier.  Only photocopies of these divorce certificates/degrees are required.  No apostilles.  Just copies of each one.