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Home Studies For Parents Living Abroad | Int'l Adoptions

Home Studies for US Citizens Living Abroad

Home Studies for US citizens Residing Abroad (Expats) FAQ


Can your agency do a home study for US citizens residing abroad?

Yes. We have successfully completed adoptions for our parents who are temporarily living overseas.   The home study itself falls under different requirements, but we are more than capable of helping our parents meet those requirements and navigating them through what is necessary. 

Does it make any difference if we live on a military base overseas? 

Regardless of the reason as to why you are residing abroad, we can help you with your entire adoption – including sending our agency’s social worker to complete the home study portion at your location.  We love doing US Military Adoption Home Studies! 

How much will it cost us to do a home study while living abroad? 

Our home study fees are the same as if though we were not doing a home study for US citizens residing abroad.  The additional cost for the parents will come with the expenses associated with the social worker having to travel and stay in the country where you are. The social worker will stay for a few days to do the required visits.

The parents will be involved in the selection process of such expense items as airplane tickets and hotels.  

How quickly can this home study be completed?

Though the process is a bit more complicated in terms following legal requirements that the authorities are looking for, all of this is handled internally by our agency,.  Therefore, no delays are pushed onto the process.  There is no reason to assume that home studies for US citizens living abroad will necessarily take any longer than than your “typical” home study. 

How would we communicate to schedule everything and if we have questions? 

We make that easy! Everything is done electronically and we also love skyping with all of our parents regardless of whether they’re in a different state or a different country. 

For any additional questions that you may have about home studies for US citizens living abroad (or home studies for Expats) or for US Military Adoption Home Studies, please contact us.  We will put you in touch with someone who can answer any questions. 



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