Home Studies for Military Families

Home Studies for Military Families 


Here are some of the military families whom we’ve helped with their home study and adoption say about us:


William Interview

Home Studies for Military Families 


We offer full service for Military families.  This includes a home study even if you are currently stationed overseas.  

The home study is just the first part of the process.  Our services also include everything else needed until you qualify to adopt your child.  

If you are Military and stationed overseas, we will send our social worker, Jennifer, to you.  

As of the writing of this blog, on September 12, 2019 Jennifer is currently in Enlgand where she is serving not one but three military families at the same time.  Because there are three families, they got to share the cost of her flight and the expenses associated with her stay.  

We also proudly offer a military discount.  

To learn more about the process, including seeing Jennifer in different countries over the last 7 years, please visit: