Eagles Talk About Jesus

In the post inteview moments after winning Superbowl LII, the Eagles Head Coach, Doug Pederson said:

“I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity…”

He was followed the “backup quarterback” Nick Foles who also began his interview with “All Glory to God” before he answered any other questions. 

The third person interviewed, the tight end, Zach Ertz, also gave glory to God right away before he proceeded to answer any other questions. 

Though the NFL is perhaps not our most watched event here at St. Mary’s, we love it that athletes are starting to share their faith openly.  We certainly share our faith and our believe that God is the one doing the work thru this agency.  We simply help people fill out a few papers.  Nothing else.  All glory to God – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

So, Doug, Nick and Zach, Amen brothers!  And congrats on your win!  

We had tried to share the youtube vidoes of the interviews, but it looks like the NFL wanted it viewed only on youtube, which is fine.  So below are the youtube links where you can see the interviews. Obviously, these videos werent’ done or uploaded by us, we’re just sharing them from youtube. 

Here are the youtube links you can watch there:





If you’d like to learn more about international adoption and what we do here to serve through our work, please check out the links we’ve shared below.  

After all, as He adopted us into his eternal kingdom, perhaps, we ought to think about adoption.  

If you have any questions about Bulgarian or Polish adotion procedures, just let us know. 

Poland Adoption

Bulgaria Adoption

Waiting Children

Here is another one of our favorite pastors who is bragging on the Eagles for sharing their faith after their big win! Thanks Franklin Graham!

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