How To Update My Dossier?

How to Update My Dossier?

A dossier update is typically required when you are doing your first extension on your CIS approval which is coming due to expire and needs to be updated.  (Not to be confused with doing an update for a different reason, such as changing residences).

When you update your home study, you also need to update your dosser. Let’s take a look below at the few docs that are needed.  Again, this is no where near as lengthy process as the initial dossier.  Just a few documents.

Consideration Checklist

The consideration checklist is something you’ve already done before, but the Bulgarian MOJ is asking for an updated version of it.  Perhaps some of your preferences have changed?    Initially it was linked on your “dossier instructions” here

But for your convenience we have put this in the box below.

This DOES NOT need a notary. 

It DOES NOT need an apostille. 

Just your signature.