Bulgarian Adoption Dossier Guidelines

International Adoption

How To Put Together Your Bulgarian Adoption Dossier

Before you can adopt a child from Bulgaria, you need have to compete your home study, get a CIS approval, and complete this dossier.   Below, we’ll tell you how to prepare each document for your Bulgarian dossier. 

For your dossier, I want you to think of everything in 2 sets.  2 original sets.  This means that for every document listed below, you shold get 2 copies/originals. 

There are some exceptions to this rule, but in general, its 2 of everything. 

Lets get started on the following below: 

Your Adoption Education


Select the “Hague Package” for $149.  (Not China Edition).  This package includes 5 courses for a total of 10 credit hours of training on topics required for international adoption by the Hague Convention.  17% discount when you purchase as a package.


Please click on the photo below to be redirected to a website where you can purchase a DVD package, called “Healing Families Package”. Instead of ordering the DVDs, you can now order everything digitally.  This reduces the prices from $250 (for the DVDs) to $165 if you buy them digitally.   

Dossier Checklist

Checklist for Your Convenience

Succes Stories

Learning about the process by seeing how different families went through each step can be a good learning experience for future adoptive parents.  We've shared several stories, each with real timelines, and steps, as they happened in real life to real families.

Christian and Sandra's Story

Finished adoption in 27 months.

Monica and Manny's Story

Finished adoption in 25 months

Jeremy and Jessica's Story

Finished adoption in 20 months

Stacy and Sam's Story

Finished adoption in 18.5 months

Lori's Story

Finished adoption in 18 Months

Ana' Story

Finished adoption in 20 months.

Paul and April's Story

Finished adoption in 28 months

Mike and Megan's Story

Finished adoption in 30 months

Daniel and Alexandra's Story

Finished adoption in 36 months

Gabe and Jessica's

Adopted 2 Year Old