Next Steps for Dossier

Interest Free Payment Plans

You have 2 Options for your next steps in regards to submitting your dossier to the foreign country.


Option 1. (Recommended)

Now that we have reviewed, approved your home study, and have seen all your clearances listed in the home study, we are very confident that your home study will be approved by USCIS and the foreign country.

Given our 19 years of experience, we know that the translation of the dossier takes time in the foreign country.

We also know that the dossier fee of $6,500 (+ 2,000 Euro for Bulgaria or $1,000 for Poland), due with the dossier, can be challenging if paid at the same time.

Therefore, we’d like to offer you an INTEREST FREE payment plan, similar to the one we offered you for the agency fee.

With the “Dossier Payment Plan”, your choice of 2 installments ($3,250) or 3 installments ($2,167)  for the $6,500, you get the following benefits:

  • Interest Free payment plan helping you spread out the cost.
  • Additional skype/video chat to review your dossier and get it ready to submit it to us.
  • When finished, you can mail to us (without CIS approval) – so we can mail to Bulgaria FOR EXPEDITED TRANSLATION. (this way our Bulgarian partner starts working on the lengthy process of translation and local authentication)
  • When you get your CIS approval (could take upto 6 weeks), your dossier could already be translated and will immediately be submitted to foreign Central Authority along with your CIS approval (one page document).
  • The 2,000 Euros (Bulgaria) or $1,000 (Poland) will be due at the time when you physically send the dossier to our agency.  They are not a part of this plan.

This plan takes advantage of the “time gaps” and gives you an interest free way to spread the cost.  It also motivates you to finish your dossier and get to the point where you’re “officially waiting” for your child!

Since we’ve started offering this option, the majority of our parents are happy to select it!


Option 2

Don’t do a payment plan.  No fees are due at this time.

However, you would wait on your CIS approval (could take upto 6 weeks) and then send us the completed dossier, along with the total dossier fee of $6,500 + 2,000 Euro (Bulgaria) or $1,000 (Poland).  At that time, our Foreign Partner will begin the translation and local authentication – and your dossier will be submitted to the Central Authority approximately 2 months later.

To activate this PLAN TODAY, please select one of the Payment Options Below and make your first payment.

Payment Plan – 3 Payments 

First One ($2,167) Due Now

Second One ($2,167) Due in 30 Days

Third One ($2,167) Due 30 Days after “Second One”

Payment Plan – 2 Payments – 

First One Due Now, Second One Due in 30 Days