CNN Uncovers Adoption Fraud

One of our adoptive parents shared this horrific story with us.  It is about an adoption agency which was debarrd by the US Department of State.

It appears they mislead a lot of people, for a very long time.  Very sad!

We’re not familiar with adoptions from Uganda and their laws.  However, we have over 17 years of experience with Polish and Bulgarian adoptions and I know that often times people who had spoken with EAC were very confused about how the process in those two Eastern European Countries worked.

It is unfortunate that such a thing can exist in 2017.  We hope that in the future, supervisory authorities such as COA would be able to crack down on similar adoption fraud quicker.

We pray for the families and children affected by this.

To learn about the adoption process, and pusuing an adoption in the legal way, please check out our web pages for Poland or Bulgaria below.

To read CNN’s Full Article, please click below.

Poland Adoption

Bulgaria Adoption

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