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Finalized Polish Adoption | Video - Saint Mary International Adoption

Putting your trust, and deeds, in Christ!

We are so blessed to have served this incredible family! They completed their Polish adoption and came home on the last day of 2015! We say it is a good new year’s resolution to start 2016 as a newly created adoptive family!

But getting there was no easy task!  Don’t get us wrong, there are no easy adoptions.  Adopting is complex process adoptive parents must demonstrate courage, desire, and will to push forward the difficult parts!  This family certainly did and we are so proud of them!  We are so happy to know them and to have served them! 

There was nothing “average” about their adoption.  But, when they were faced with the decision to wait, their response was: 

“We will wait because we feel in our hearts that God wants us to wait, because these are our children! And so, we’ll wait!”

And so, they did!

As adoption professionals who have served parents for nearly 15 years, we know how difficult this can be on parents.  We were prepared to help them. To somehow try and comfort them the best we could.  However, our agency’s president who chatted with them most often, said she often found herself being comforted by the adoptive mom, as opposed to vice versa!  

It truly is amazing to serve people who are so strong in their faith.  Who are able to put their trust, and their deeds, in God and His timing! 

We are thankful to Christ.  We are thankful that  He would use people like us to fight for orphans and families.

Special Note: We are thankful that we can stand up for the agency and its mission, and for those who aren’t part of our staff but are willing to stand with us and fight by our side so that we can continue onward with our mission, per God’s grace! (Thanks DB)


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