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Christian Adoption Blog: With this section of our blog, we want to remind our readers that we work to serve Christ through adoption. Every sequence of events that starts with the moment God puts on someone’s hear to adopt, until the adoption is finalized – is a part of His plan! During the journey, there will be difficulties.  There will be trials.  Adoptive parents will have to persevere.  They will have to sacrifice their comfort, their resources, their love and probably many other things.  Having served our parents with international adoption for over 16 years, we understand this very well!  That is why we want to keep this section of our adoption blog updated.  We pray that God may use some of these verses or devotions to help adoptive parents through the difficult times.  

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We also encourage you you visit Billy Graham’s website for more devotions or if you need more information about what it means to be a Christian. 

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