Adoptive Parents - Christian Adoptive Families

Saint Mary International Adoption is committed to serving Christian parents.  Our agency wants to help Christians adopt children from Poalnd or Bulgaria. 

Polish Adoption Dossier for Scott and Iwona

What is the Adoption Dossier?   The simplest way to explain it is to say that it is the pile of paperwork that you will be gathering and putting together to be sent to Poland.  Once finished with the dossier, you will send it to our office and we will send it on to...

How To Apostille Certificates in Alaska and New York

How to Apostille your Birth Certificates.  Scott:  Your Birth Certificate is from Alaska.  This means that you'll have to send 2 certified copies (from Vital Records, or similar name) to Alaska Secretary of State (Lt Governor).  (Remember, you need 4 certified copies...

How to Apostille documents in Alaska

Instructions For Adoption Dossier | Read Me First     Hi Scott and Iwona, The green documents are “green” because I want to help you group them together in the sense that they will all be going together to your Secretary of State for their apostilles.  This is the...

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