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How To Apostille Child Abuse Clearances for Adoption Purposes 

Child abuse clearances are required for each state (and foreign country) that each of the adoptive parent(s) have resided in since their 18th birthday. 

So, please tell your social worker all of these states (and foreign countries) that you’ve resided in. 

The social worker will run those clearances for you. 

Ask your social worker to scan us the results of each state (or foreign country). 

We will use this information to issue a document that will disclose the findings of each clearance that your social worker obtained. 

Once we issue this letter, we will scan it to you.  You will take it and add it to your dossier documents to send to your state for Apostille.  You would have to make 2 copies of it, and place the affidavit and notary oath on the back.  Then send for Apostille.  

Please put it on your “to-do” list to email your social worker and remind her to email us those clearances.  Please feel free to cc us on this email. 


What If I Live in the State of North Carolina?

If you live in NC, and we’re your home study agency, you don’t have to worry about this.  We’ll do this for you.  


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