Child Abuse Clearances

Bulgarian International Adoption

Child abuse clearances for each sate (and foreign country) that each of the adoptive parent(s) have resided in since their 18th birthday are required. 

So, you will tell your social worker all of these states (and foreign countries) that you’ve resided in. 

The social worker will run those clearances for you. 

Ask your social worker to scan us the results of each state (or foreign country). 

We will use this information to issue a document that will state the findings. 

You don’t need to do anything else but simply make sure that your social worker will email us the results of the above described clearances.

No Notary.  No Apostille.  However, please make sure that your social worker sends them to us. 


(if you live in NC, please don’t worry about this – our social worker will do that for you)