Traditional Bulgarian Adoption Took Only 20 Months

Traditional Bulgarian Adoption Takes only 20 Months

Jessica and Jeremy’s Timeline:

-From Start to Finish- 

20 Months-

October 2017 – Apply to Agency (Traditional Adoption)

July 2018 – Dossier Sent to Bulgaria 

October 2018 – Receive Referral (Healthy Siblings, 10, 9)

November 2018 – First Trip (Meet Kids)

June 2018 – Second Trip

-Back HomeJune 12, 2018- 



Bulgaria Adoption Process – “Traditional”

Step 1 Select a country that suits you.  Find an accredited agency that has experience working with the country you like.

Step 2 Let agency help you prepare paperwork.  Includes Home Study and “Dossier”.

Step 3 Complete Home Study to get CIS Approval.  Get “Apostilles” for all dossier documents, including CIS Approval.

Step 4. Turn in complete dossier, including Home Study and CIS approval to Bulgarian MOJ.

Step 5. Wait on MOJ to propose a child that would match your family.

Step 6. Choose to accept your child, and schedule first trip to go meet them. (See a family who recently accepted their child).

Step 7.  Trip one.  Meet your child.  Before leaving, give consent to continue adoption. (See a family’s blog showing their videos/pics from their first meet).  See an article about Bulgarian Orphanage Conditions.

Step 8. Few months later, on your second trip, go to pick up your child. (See a family’s blog who recently picked up their children from the orphanage)

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