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To God be Glory for 2 Less Orphans.

It has been a pleasure serving you Jeremy and Jessica!

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Update – May 1, 2019 | ADOPTIVE MOM INTERVIEW

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Updated: November 21, 2018 –  Arrived in Bulgaria!  

Parents adopting from Bulgaria

Update: November 21, 2018 – Charlotte, NC.

In the holiday spirit, we are thankful to let our followers know that our family has arrived in Bulgaria safely!

This is their first trip, so they met their children for the very fist time, in person! 

We are thankful to report that their bonding is going phenomenally well!  Praise God for that!

The Bible tells us that true religion is looking after orphans and widows.  Christ surely has a special heart towards orphans. 

As we watched this awesome family sacrifice so much and work so hard to get to this point, it is easy to believe that God’s heart for orphans is true.    

Their match is one that only He can put together. 

It is a pleasure to serve you, Jessica and Jeremy.  Thank you! 



Adoptive Parents Arrive in Bulgaria
Adoption from Bulgaria

Updated: Nov 9, 2018 –  Referral News.. 

Update: November 9, 2018 – Charlotte, NC.

We’re happy to provide this update about one of our awesome “St. Mary’s Families” who just got news about their referral from Bulgaria!

It had been less than 3 months since they received their “officially waiting number” from the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice after submitting their dossier.

They will be boarding a plane to Bulgaria this month to go meet their children!

Original Post – August 28, 2018

Bulgarian Traditional Adoption


August 28, 2018 – Charlotte, North Carolina – Bulgarian Adoption Update

Last week, we celebrated a major milestone for one of our awesome adoptive families. 

Jessica and Jeremy got their official number telling them their dossier has been accepted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. 

This means that they are now “officially waiting” for their children.  They want to adopt siblings! 

When pursuing a Bulgarian traditional adoption, you submit all your paperwork first. 

Through the paperwork, the Bulgarian MOJ sees the characteristics of the child you would like to adopt.  Then, they try to match you by providing you with referrals, one at a time. 

Jeremy and Jessica are a very fun and loving couple and we can’t wait to see the children they will adopt from Bulgaria. 

We are humbled to be able to guide them on their journey.  We are praying for you! 

– From the staff at Saint Mary International Adoptions.

Adoptive Family
Family waiting to adopt from Bulgaria

Jeremy and Jessica’s process, the “traditional Bulgarian adoption” is different than Bulgaria’s “waiting child” process.

If you’d like to learn the difference, please visit our “Bulgaria page” here.


Ohio family adopting from Bulgaria
Waiting Adoptive Parents