Bulgarian Orphanage Conditions

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Bulgarian Orphanage Conditions 

Although the effects of institutionalization (orphanages) is difficult on children, we are also aware that often times parents picture these orphanages to be much worse then they actually are.  Bulgaria and Poland do a pretty good job of taking care of their orphans.  To show you this, we’ve asked that our parents who have been there share some of their photos, videos, and opinions about the orphanage conditions.  We invite you to take a look at what they have to say.

Adoptive Mom Talks About Bulgarian Orphanage Conditions (2017)

Adoptive Mom Talks About Bulgarian Orphanage Conditions (2019)

Adoptive Family Talks About Bulgarian Orphanage Conditions (2021)

Growing Up In an Orphanage

We’d like to remind our parents that growing up in an orphanage isn’t easy.  No happy circumstances lead to kids living there.  These difficult circumstances and the fact that children don’t have access to the best resources for their development can cause issues.  Our prayer is that the parents whom we serve will be understand these risks and see their adoption process as the intervention that reverses this cycle for the kids.  The home study process (or home study for expats) is meant to prepare and educate parents about risk factors and situations that may be unknown. As we’ve helped hundreds of Bulgarian and Polish orphans get adopted over the years, we’ve seen first hand the miracle effect and the awesome transformation that takes place when a child is adopted into a loving home.  See one of our families who recently completed their first trip to meet their 2 year old son. 


Bulgarian child being adopted from the orphanage. .
mom holds her adopted son in the orphanage.

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We are humbled to have over 20 years of experience with Bulgarian and Polish international adoption.  Let our experience enrich your research.  The answers to these questions about the process are written through experience and know how.  Sometimes the answers may surprise you for the better.  Text us or call us with any questions.  704 527 7673.

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