Bulgarian Dossier Forms

Bulgarian International Adoption



These forms are needed for you Bulgarian Adoption Dossier.  Here is waht you need to do with them.:

1.   Fill them out.

2.  Sign them (infront of a notary).  

3.  Notarize them. 

4.  Apostille them in your home state. (Address and instrctions in “read me first”).

As alayws, I am here to help, as is the rest of the staff at Saint Mary International Adoptions. 




The form “Description of Child”(below) and the “Bulgarian Medical Checklist” (below) are for those adopting thru the “Traditional Route”. 

So, you will fill these 2 forms out only if you are adopting from the  “Traditional route”.  If you’re adopting a “waiting child”, you don’t need it. 

For the “Bulgarian Medical Checklist”, print it out and fill out by hand. It does NOT need to be apostilled.   

Exception:  “Bulgarian Medical Checklist” does not need to be apostilled.  Only filled out.  (“Description of Child” does need to be apostilled).

Both of these should be done around the time we’re finalizing the home study.  These two forms have to be in a “relationship” with the corresponding section of the home study describing the health characteristics of the child.  So, we would need to review these and make sure they all work well together.  For that reason, please make sure that you send us these 2 forms for us to review before the home study is complete.  




This is required only if you are adopting a “waiting child”.  The initial MOJ application which you notarized when you submitted to MOJ initially needs to be apostilled and become a part of your dossier. 

So, you should already have it notarized, please simply send it to your home state for Apostille.