Photos for your Bulgarian Dossier

Bulgarian International Adoption

Well, the Adoption Commission is going to read all about you as they’ll be reviewing your home study, might as well give them some pictures too right?  Yes, it is a requirement to provide pictures.  

These are the “old school pictures” that are printed on paper, just like back in the day.  Providing these photos to go along with your dossier isn’t an overly scientific process.  This means that you don’t need to take a picture of every room and every closet, or the child’s new room.  When thinking about meeting this requirement for putting together photos for Adoption Dossier, think about showing your favorite pictures to your friends.  Except, the majority of these pictures are all taken around your house.  The majority of these pictures show you smiling and hugging as a family in your living room, kitchen, backyard, and front yard.  You can include a few photos that show you doing something like taking a trip somewhere, but don’t go looking for your most extreme photos either.  Keep it simple.  Smiling around your house and one or two showing other surroundings.  

You don’t have to go all out about the presentation.  No need to create a book for them, or something similar that may make for a good presentation but isn’t practical in terms of sending it overseas.  If you just can’t resist the artsy idea you’re having, please check in with us to talk about it.  Other than that, feel free to laminate if you like – not required.

 I think a nice touch is to write on the back of each what is going on in the photo and who is in it.  For Example: “Cam and Holly in the living room of our house” or “Cam and Holly hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains”.  One sentence descriptions are fine.  No need for an entire paragraph.


Photos for Adoption Dossier | Summary: 

1.  Pick photos you like.

2.  Best places:  around the house; maybe one or two other places like a trip somewhere.  

3.  No Extreme Presentation.  

4.  Printed on real paper like photos used to be printed back in the day.

5.  7-8 total in two sets.  

6.  Send along with adoption dossier  

If you have any questions about the photos for adoption dossier, please contact me.