Bulgarian Adoption Story

Charlotte Mom Finishes Bulgarian Adoption in 18 months!

One of our moms completed her adoption in just 18 months.

If you are open to adopting a waiting child, you could qualify for the expedited procedures allowed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice.  

See her story and her son below!

Mom hugging her newly adopted son.

Lori’s Adoption – 18 Months

Finish Home Study 10 Months
Schedule First Trip 2 Months Notice
Final Trip 6 Months Later
Total Time:  18 Months
Adoptive mom spends time with her son.
Adopted child blossoms after coming home.
Mom feeds her adopted son lunch.
child improves dramatically after being adopted.
Mom takes her son out of the orphanage.
Adopted child riding a horse for fun.

Pictures And Videos From The Journey

We invite you to see pictures from Lori’s trip to Bulgaria.  The day she met her son for the first time. The day she walked out of the orphanage with him – until today!  To learn more about the process that Lori pursued, please read the steps for adopting a waiting child here.

As you can see, her son improved dramatically since he’s been home with her! Thank you Lori for saving an orphan!  To God be the glory for every child saved through adoption! 

Leaving the Orphanage!

Celebrating 1 Year At Home!

First Trip Visit

Continue Your Adoption Research

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