A Bulgarian Adoption Story

Lori’s Timeline:

-From Start to Finish- 

Exactly 1.5 years-

July 2016 – Application with Bulgarian MOJ

January 2017 – Completed Home Study

June 17 2017 – First Trip to Bulgaria

January 2018 – Final Trip (In progress now)


…Stay tuned for updates…



*Update – January 8, 2018*

We’re blessed to give you this update about one of our most favorite adoptive moms ever!

She is currently in Bulgaria on her second trip.

This means she is getting ready to pick her son up and come home in less than 10 days.

We know Lori, and we anticipate that she will spoil him very much!  However, we fully approve of this plan!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our team in Bulgaria and all their hard work in helping Lori.

It is a blessing working with people who are not only phenomenal at paperwork, but also care for each child deeply.

They’ve taken care of Lori so well, we think she might be starting to like them better than us. (But, we’re not jealous. At all…)



We plan on updating this Bulgarian adoption story post regularly over the next 10 days while, so stay tuned!


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