Original Post – July 2016

-Bulgarian Adoption Process-


Meet Lori.


Her, and her son are blowing a dandelion as they’re wishing to bring home a little brother from Bulgaria.


Lori started on the adoption process in August of 2016 and we’re expecting to send her off to Bulgaria towards the end of June.


She can be done with the whole process in a little over a year – which is great!


You see, because Lori is adopting a waiting child, the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice expedites her process once they approve her application to adopt.


Over the last 6-7 months we helped Lori complete her home study and put together her Bulgarian adoption dossier.  Now, we’re waiting on the Bulgarian Central Authority, or the Ministry of Justice to invite her for the first trip.


This trip is only about 7 days. Our Bulgarian partners will pick her up at the airport and arrange for everything she needs to have or do.  She’ll meet her son and and hang out with him everyday while she’s there.  Then she’ll come home for about 3 months before its time to go pick him up.  Second trip is also about 7 days.


We’re super excited for Lori.  She will be an absolutely awesome mom! This particular Bulgarian orphan’s life is about to drastically change.  From pretty miserable to awesome and loving!


We can’t wait!


-To God be the glory for every child adopted- 


Advantages to the Bulgarian Adoption Process 

Waiting Child Route – Could be done around a year. 

Bulgaria: 2 very short trips – about 7 days each. 

Court Apperance not necessary – done through Power of Attorney. 

Saint Mary International Adoptions’ Founder is Bulgarian born and Bulgarian educated – makes the process smoother. 

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