How To Apostille Home Study Agency License

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How To Apostille Home Study Agency’s License?

For your dossier, you will need to ask your home study agency to provide you with 2 copies of their license.

When giving you these copies of their license, the agency will make a statement (affidavit) that they are true and correct copies of their license.  They will sign that statement before a notary public.   Because it is their license, they are the ones who have to say that it is a true copy.  You cannot do it.  It has to come from the home study agency. 

Therefore, you will be receiving two notarized copies of the home study agency’s license.

Next step for you is to take these notarized copies and apostille them in your home state.  The instructions for getting an apostille in your home state are in the “read me first” tab.

What If I live in North Carolina?

If you live in NC, and we’re your Home Study Agency, our license will come attached to your home study.  So, you will apostille it together with the home study.  

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