Bethany Ends International Adoptions

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Bethany Christian Services Stops International Adoptions

February 20, 2020

We are saddened to share the news that the largest adoption agency will no longer provide international adoption services. 

It came as shock to us at the adoption community to find out this news.  

According to an Article in Christianity Today by Kate Shellnutt posted on January 29th, 2020, “The largest Christian adoption agency in the US announced that after 15,000 international adoptions over its 37 year history, it will no longer be bringing children into the US”. 

Bethany shared this news in a blog post on their site here. 

According to the same article, the decline in international adoption is not due to lack of interest from American families, but rather because foreign countries had closed down their programs for international adoption, or made restrictions tighter. 

Here at Saint Mary International Adoptions, we re saddened to see so many international adoption agencies close down.

We pray that God will continue to use our agency to serve orphans from Bulgaria and Poland. 

Our hearts ache for the orphans who now have less people to fight for their cause, but we have been fighting for them since 2001 and will continue to fight for them! 

To God be the glory for each child adopted!