Adoption Contract | Saint Mary International Adoptions 

Hi Brett and Kacie,

We are pleased to let you know that you’ve been formally accepted into our Bulgarian Adoption Program!

Click below to see your Official Acceptance Letter Issued by Saint Mary International Adoptions!

Next step is the contract.  It is below.  The contract is on the same platform as the application – through Formsite. 

When you put down your initials, it will take you on to the next sections.  However, the contract will not get turned in until the very end where you sign and press the “submit” button.  This is a standard contract and we also will sign it.  I will send you a copy for your records.  

Once you submit the contract, you’ll automatically get redirected to a PayPal button for the total agency fee of $6,200.  You can ignore that because there will be a military discount for you.  And also, I can do a payment plan, if you like.  So either way, I will send you a separate PayPal invoice once you complete the contract. 

We look forward to serving you!