Getting an Apostille for Marriage Certificate

How To Get an Apostille for Your Marriage Certificate?

Your marriage certificate is from CA. 

That makes things easier because you will simply send 2 certified copies to CA along with the other documetns. 

The marriage certificate does not need any notaries or anything else. It is a state issued document, so once you order your certified copies from the state, you will just send it in for Apostilles.  (At some states, it is possible to get the marriage certs already apostilled at the time when you order them, so please check to see if they’ll send them to you already apostilled.  Out of the 4 total marriage certificates that you should get, only 2 need to be apostilled). 

What To Do With Birth Certificates?

Good news! Your birth certificates DO NOT need to be apostilled.

They still need to be included in your dossier, just don’t need an apostille.  Please include 2 certified originals in each set of your dossier.  (Your dossier is in 2 sets).

What About Any Divorce Certificates?

For any divorces, the divorce certificates need to be presented with the adoption dossier.  Only photocopies of these divorce certificates/degrees are required.  No apostilles.  Just copies of each one.  


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