Adoption is Beautiful! 

We certainly think that adoption is beautiful.  Our parents who have shared their blog with us and you, actually say that adoption is awesome!  We agree with that as well! As a Christian adoption agency, we feel blessed to serve our adoptive parents and encourage all of our parents to become advocates for adoption, before, during and after they’ve completed the process.  This is one of our adoptive families who are truly special to us.  They are a local, North Carolina adoptive family and their adoption process sure was out of the box!  They began with us, and then adopted domestically.  So they paused for quite a while.  But, they came back!  And they did so full force! They completed their adoption dossier very quickly and accepted a referral of their daughter, also relatively quickly!  However, the time they had to wait in between trips exceed all averages and certainly tested their patience.  But, they pushed through the hard times to build their family through adoption.  And we get to see them in person, not just over skype!  We are so ever thankful to have meet them and even more thankful to have been given the privilege to serve them!

We are thankful that they’ve shared it with us, and we’re thankful that they want to share it with you.  We pray that God will do with it something that we can’t plan on or even imagine.


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