A Saint Mary Family’s International Adoption Story

We love sharing our each family’s international adoption story! 

International adoption requires perseverance, patience, and endurance!  It can be difficult at times, but its all worth it at the end like this St. Mary’s family who brought home 3 wildly entertaining boys!  We are friends on facebook, and we get to see some of the activities these boys take on!  Its fun to watch this incredible international adoption story unfold back home!  This family is truly blessed and we feel humbled to have been able to help them through this amazing process!  We stand to serve Christian adoptive parents who feel called to adopt.  These people are the true heroes for their actions will forever change the live(s) of the children who so desperately need love. We fight for those heroes. And we fight the orphans.  We are very grateful that they’ve shared their story with us so that we can share it with you.  Our prayer is that seeing real people complete their adoptions will encourage others to pursue this beautiful way to build your family!

Here is their adoption adventure int their own words: 


We would love to tell you more about the international adoption process from the Hague Countries of Poland, or Bulgaria.  To start reading about our adoption programs, please visit this page. We would love to tell you more about becoming an adoptive parent, and the process that is ahead when deciding adoption is what your family feels called to do. We could also put you in touch with our St. Mary’s Adoptive families, including the one who shared their international adoption story with us above.  We know that adoptive parents can describe the process like no one else can! 

To God be the glory for each child adopted! 

From the Staff at Saint Mary International Adoptions


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