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It is incredible to be able to share the adoption stories of our St. Mary’s Adoptive Families  through their international adoption blogs!  This family of ours is so very special to us since we served them so many years ago.   The international adoption process has changed since then, and we’ve changed with it.  We are thankful to have been given the opportunity to gain this deep knowledge through our lengthy experience with Polish adoptions.  Because of our knowledge and experience, we are the first ones to accommodate for any changes in the adoption field and every time we go through a change, it gives us an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the authorities in Poland who knew our agency all along.  Changing together builds up our relationship with them and everyone else involved in serving our adoptive parents with their international adoptions.  

We are thankful that we have been given the opportunity to witness so many children saved by adoption. Not any adoption, but adoption into Christian homes.  We hope you will enjoy this family’s story and others through their international adoption blogs.

To God Be the glory for this beautiful family!



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