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This St. Mary’s adoptive family blog is truly special to us!  

We invite you to read Rebekah and Mike’s story!  They were a Charlotte couple, which means they were local to our office.  Most of our adoptive parents are scattered all across the United States, and they find us because of our experience with Polish International Adoptions.  Though we’ve adapted to use technology like Skype in order to feel like we are in the same room, it is still a little nicer to actually be in the same room.  Especially when you are getting ready to tell them that Poland has informed us that there is a child waiting for them.  They took one look and though they didn’t answer right away, we knew that that they knew that this was their daughter!  Each and every adoption is absolutely beautiful and it is awesome when we can share it with you through the adoptive family blog page.  

To Him be the glory for this family created through international adoption.  We feel blessed to have been able to witness their Polish adoption story!

We are so very thankful for this family for sharing their story with us and you!

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