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Covid19 Adoption Financing Plan


In light of the uncertanties surrounding covid19, we are offering a special financing plan. 

What we’ve done, is we’ve taken the total cost of adoption and divided by 37 months.   

The monthly payment comes out to $824. 

So, you would start the process and start advancing through the paperwork, paying as you go. 

If something happens that prevents you from continuing, then the investment you’ve made isn’t as big. 

You get to decide each month if you want to continue.  You may even pause your progress and then come back, if you like. 

This plan really reduces the financial risk for our parents. 

In addition, we believe these interest free payment plans can help many more people afford the cost of adoption, even if there was no virus.   Read more below.

What Is Included?

All fees that are payable to our agency for the adoption of a single child.

Our fees are for listed here for Bulgaria and Poland.  We took the total and divided it by 37 months.

Since 2001, our agency has never charged anyone any more than what these fees say – so you can count that the cost we tell you, and therefore, the monthly payment is and will be as it is stated. 

What Is Not Included?

Fees payable to third parties, not our agency, are NOT included.

Examples of those include fees due to a home study agency in your state, fees due to USCIS (apprx $900), fees for travel (airfare) and hotels/lodging overseas are not included.  Shipping expenses are not included. US Embassy Visa fees are not included (apprx $350).


Adopting siblings does not double the cost, but it does increase it.  This increased cost can be applied into a payment plan the same way it is done for a single child above.

What Else?

NOT included are any updates.

For example, when you’re done with your home study, it gets sent to USCIS who issues an approval that is good for 15 months.  If you don’t finish your adoption within those 15 months, you would have to update the approval.

Any fees that you may pay to the home study agency for a home study update, or to our agency for a review, or to CIS for their fees, are not included in this payment plan.