Supplement 3, Request for Action on Approved I800A

Supplement 3 Guidelines

 Supplement 3 Guidelines | I-800A

The Supplement 3 Guidelines are a part of the approval process for CIS.  With your initial home study, you submitted the I-800A Form.  Now, because of the update that is needed, we will help you submit what is called Supplement 3 of the I-800A Form.  This Supplement 3 is what is required for the approval of the updated home study.  Therefore, similarly to last time, we’ve prepared the Supplement 3 Guidelines to help you fill out the form as is required by USCIS

As you can see, the process of international adoption is a complex one – as it should be.  Like now, often times it requires the update of paperwork.  At the end of the day, you are working towards adding to your family.  Being entrusted with the life of another human being.  Therefore, we think it is okay if it isn’t always easy.  We’re blessed that we’ve been given the opportunity to help you forward with the next steps – getting an approval for your updated home study from USCIS



 Things to Know About the Supplement 3 Guidelines:

The following are guidelines for helping you to fill out the I-800A Form, Supplement 3 Guidelines. 

Now, I say “guidelines” because every adoptive family will have circumstances that are different and unique so there isn’t “one way” to fill this out. This means that some of the guidelines and comments you are about to read MAY NOT apply to you.  This is why we are available to answer questions as they specifically apply to you and your family. 

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I-800A, Supplement 3

The next step is quite an important one.  It is to submit your home study to the US government at the offices of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  To read more about this process, click here. You will use the form,  Form I-800A, Supplement 3, Request for Action on Approved Form I-800A

It is attached for your convenience below: 

Additional Resources

We also provide other sets of instructions detailing how to fill out other USCIS forms, such as I-800 and I-800A.

Other similar instructions include: Home Study Update Requirements and Dossier Update Requirements, as well as Court Documents.

Instructions for how to fill out he I-800A are also provided by USCIS here.

Instructions for how to fill out he I-800 are also provided by USCIS here.


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