I-800 A Application

How to Fill Out the I-800A Application?

The I-800A is the form you have to submit along with your completed  home study document to USCIS.  Doing so will result in your CIS Approval, which is another document needed for your Bulgarian adoption.

We have made it easy for you to complete the I-800A with our guidelines below.

Things to Know About the I-800A

The following are guidelines for helping you to fill out the I-800A Form.

As a part of that, you will also fill out I -800A, Supplement 2.

Keep in mind that no guidelines are perfect, and so the template we have provided and the responses which we advise may not apply to your and your family.  If you are unsure about how to answer someting, please contact us.  We’ll help you to make sure everything is completed correctly! 

So please fill out I-800A and I-800A, Supplement 2.

If you have other adult members (including children 18 and over) living in the household , you would have to fill out I-800A, Supplement 1 as well. Click Below to get started!  

Additional Resources 

We also provide other sets of instructions detailing how to fill out other USCIS forms, such as I-800 and I-800A, Supplement 3.

Other similar instructions include: Home Study Update Requirements and Dossier Update Requirements, as well as Court Documents.

Instructions for how to fill out he I-800A are also provided by USCIS here.

Instructions for how to fill out he I-800 are also provided by USCIS here.

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