I-800A – Application

The next step is quite an important one.  It is to submit your home study to the US government at the offices of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.  To read more about this process, click here. You will use the form,  I-800A – Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country.  What you need is below.   

 Things to Know About the I-800A Guidelines:

The following are guidelines for helping you to fill out the I-800A Form. As a part of that, you will also fill out I -800A, Supplement 2.

Now, I say I-800A guidelines because every adoptive family will have circumstances that are different and unique so there isn’t “one way” to fill this out. This means that some of the guidelines and comments you are about to read MAY NOT apply to you.  This is why we are available to answer questions as they specifically apply to you and your family.   So everyone has to fill out I-800A and I-800A, Supplement 2. If you have other adult members (including children 18 and over) living in the household , you would have to fill out I-800A, Supplement 1 as well. Click Below to get started!  


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